Fees based on the living area sq. footage of the home per public data or MLS except for standard Condo Units and Townhomes. 

We do not charge extra for driving distance, gas or tolls within our service area!  We do not charge extra for the age or condition of the property!   Below are available Inspection services!

Condo Interior only – Any Size Unit * $225.00
Town Home Inspection – Any Size Townhome * $250.00
 Home Inspection  – up to 1500 sq. ft.* $250.00
 Home Inspection – 1501 to 2000 sq. ft. ** $295.00
Home Inspection – 2001 to 2500 sq. ft. ** $350.00
Home Inspection – 2501 to 3000 sq. ft.** $395.00
Home Inspection – 3001 to 3500 sq. ft.** $450.00
Home Inspection – 3501 to 4000 sq. ft.** $495.00
Home Inspection – 4001 to 6000 sq. ft. ** $595.00
Call for a quote for homes over 6000 sq, ft of living area

* One Inspector   ** One or Two inspectors.  To view pricing for other “ADD-ON” Inspections such as Wind Mitigation, Four Point and more…. click here!

All fees are subject to change without
notice, however locked -in once ordered!