Instead of charging you for the entire feasibility analysis & Write-up fee upfront, we break it into two payments. The initial inspection and feasibility study providing you with a rough estimate to complete the job is first and you just pay for this initial study upfront.  The second half is the Work Write-up Analysis.  This saves you money just in case you change your mind or the project is deemed non-feasible! If after reviewing the feasibility study, and in the event that the project is deemed to be Non- Feasible, then no additional fees are due. If it is deemed to be feasible and you want to move forward,  then the “Work Write Up fee” will be due and payable upon delivery of that report once contractor bids are received and agreed upon and the Final Workup is completed.

** Feasibility Study & Limited Inspection: $ 400.00

PART 1: Fees can be confusing so I have taken time to better explain the breakdown of related fees associated with obtaining an FHA 203k standard loan. Lender or vendor fees may apply which is not listed in this website, however can be obtained from your lender.

The process begins with ordering a feasibility study.   A feasibility study begins with an a limited home inspection of the property, with a “rough estimate” of work that will be necessary to comply with HUD’s minimum standard requirements, in addition to desired improvements. The feasibility study fee is due and payable at the time of the inspection. Feasibility reports will be available for viewing within 48 to 72 hours of the inspection and feasibility meeting.

The home Inspection report portion of the inspection is uploaded within 24 hours of the inspection for the benefit of the home buyer for negotiation purposes.

The Initial FHA minimum standard Inspection report is valued at $300 and the feasibility study is valued at $100 for a total of $400 due and payable at the time of the initial inspection.The Work Write Up fee is in addition to this amount.

WHAT IF?  What if you were originally obtaining a streamline 203k loan and need to transition to a regular 203k loan which requires inspections and over site of an FHA Inspector?   In this case, if a contractor is already in place, then the initial $400 fee is reduced to$200, plus the work write up fee. If no contractor has been hired or a contractors bids have not been approved then the initial fee stays at $400.  The cost of the final write up and processing is shown below. The below chart does not include periodic inspection fees. The below chart shows the total cost of the Feasibility study and Final Write Up broken down into two payments. The initial Fee is due and payable from the borrower at the time of the inspection. The “Work Write Up fee” (or second payment) will be due and payable upon delivery of that report once contractor bids are received and agreed upon and the Final Workup is completed. While the Initial & Write-Up reports are paid “Out of Pocket” by the homeowner, Fees can be reimbursed to the Borrower out of the total funds borrowed upon request to the lender. Details available from your lender.  Inspection Fees are not paid out of pocket, as they are invoiced to the lender for payment.

   IMPROVEMENTS       Initial Fee                 Final Write Up            Total  









$15,001 – $30,000




$30.001 – $50,000




$50,001 – $75,000




$75,001 – $100,000




> $100,000




PART 2:Work Write-Up:  See Chart Above.

After careful review and discussion with the lender, If deemed feasible, the client signs a “Consultant Agreement” which outlines all Consultant fees which are payable by the borrower at the time of delivery of the “Work Write Up”. The “Work Write Up” is a clear and concise project specification document, construction cost analysis, HUD required draw request forms, preparation of contractor bid packages, and the preparation of lender packages.

Feasibility Fees are non-refundable. 

“Work Write Up” are non-refundable once delivered to the Borrower · Lender & Contractor.

The “Work Write Up” fee is due and payable upon delivery.

 Other Vendor fees: Additional fees may be incurred if Architectural blue prints or engineering fees are required to complete the project. These fees are payable as appropriate. Contractor fees may include permit fees.


Project fees are payable in draws from  the escrow account after closing.


A typical project includes between 2 to 3 draws and for larger projects 4 to 5 draw inspections depending on the size of the project. A draw is required at the minimum of every 30 days. Inspection fees are $150 per inspection and paid from the escrow account.

Consultant—Draw Request Inspections—$150 per inspection payable from escrow account.An example is shown below for larger projects.

· 1st Draw – Consultant insures permits were issued. – Fee of $150.00 to be paid from escrow

· 2nd and 3rd Draw – Draw request inspections are performed as work progresses. Fee of $150 per inspection to be paid from escrow

· 4th Draw – A punch list is established.- Fee of $150.00 to be paid from escrow

· 5th Draw – The project is closed out and warranties and lien releases collected. Fee of $150.00 to be paid from escrow

Mileage and travel expenses: Payable from Escrow account

When travel distance exceeds 30 miles round trip from the reviewer’s place of business, a mileage charge (established by HUD Field Office) may be applied to the above charges, including toll road and other charges where applicable.
Mileage in excess of 30 miles round trip per inspection, shall be payable at the rate of $.50 per mile plus tolls if applicable and invoiced and paid from escrow.